Utah Real Estate



Buying a home in Utah can be an excellent investment whether you’re a first-time home buyer, you've already owned a home, or are a seasoned investor.


However, purchasing a home in the Utah realestate market is not as easy these days. When you think you’ve found the perfect home, you discover that the seller already accepted an offer several hours ago. Sometimes it can seem as if every home on the market is slipping through your fingers. So exactly how do you successfully buy a home in the hot Utah realestate market?


As with any market, there are always pocket listings, and deals you can't find on your own. The first thing you should do is meet with a local knowledgeable and experienced buyer’s agent to find your home. That way you’ll have someone on your side to help you get the best deal.


How to Find a Good Buyers Agent


You want to search for an agent who knows the area in which you’re interested. The agent will be well acquainted with the community and can keep you informed of any pertinent information that would influence your decision to purchase a perfect home. More specifically, you want to find an agent with the following qualities:


  • At least five years of experience.
  • An agent who was well connected in the community.
  • A person with strong negotiation skills.
  • Is a great communicator.
  • Someone you can trust. If you feel uneasy for any reason, look for someone else.


If the agent you’re considering doesn’t have any one of the above qualities, fine another agent. Buying Utah real estate is a big decision. You have the absolute right to be completely comfortable with the person guiding you through the process.


For instance, if you have school age children, your agent should be able to tell you which schools are considered the best in the community. Because for parents, schools are one of the primary factors in deciding where to buy a home.


Thinking Out Of The Box


It’s just as important to know when to buy a home as it is to know where. There were two very important days out of the year when buyers have an edge if they know how to use it.


For example, each year in the spring there seems to be a rush of property for sale. Agents love this time of year because there’s nothing more exhilarating than a spring real estate market. It’s both the best and worst time of year to buy Utah real estate, except on Easter Sunday. Who buys a house on Easter? You do, because come Monday the offers will start flooding in and you’ll have a lot of competition. Making your offer on Easter Sunday gets you in front of the seller before the competition ruins the deal.


The very best day in the entire year to buy your home is on Christmas Day. If you think it’s unusual to make an offer on Easter Sunday then making one on Christmas, of all days, will blow your competition right out of the water. After all, who does that? Again, you do, with your head held high. Check out your best prospects a few days prior to Christmas. And then on the big day make your move.


If you want to be successful in the Utah realestate market you need to be smart and assertive. Be prepared to act if a seller counters your offer or immediately accepts your terms. Don’t forget, acting in a hurry will typically give you a heightened sense of remorse after making your decision. Don’t second-guess yourself. Those are natural feelings that can be put to rest because you know that your strategy has gotten you a great bargain.

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